Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Oldest and the Youngest

We have just had a wonderful time with Stephen and Melinda and Caleb.  It was a rare chance to see the Oldest Doyle and the Youngest Doyle together.
They arrived yesterday afternoon and after a short talk, we went round to Joanne's place and enjoyed a meal with lots of talk and fun. Then today, they again called in to see us and we joined all the Bainbridges for a walk through the botanical gardens, and then we drove up to Picnic Point for coffee and chips before Steven Melinda and Caleb departed for the Gold Coast.  Here are a few photos taken today.
It was a most enjoyable 24 hours - we are so glad that they made the effort to come and see us up here in the "high country" at Toowoomba.

Friday, 4 September 2015

A look at the Past

Sometimes in the midst of all the technology of the future, it is good to remember a little of the past.
Today we saw some of that at Cobb and Co, where the Australian Light Horse division was remembered in a display of ancient warfare, set with an appropriate background of windmills.
It was rather co-incidental that adjacent to the display was a small car that would not have been too far out of place with the horses in those past years.