Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A 4 year effort

Back in 2012, my old racing bike got close to its "use-by" date. The wheels, brakes, and gear system were in serious need of a major overhaul or replacement, and this meant the expense of a few hundred dollars.
I debated at the time whether I would get the use out of a new bike, but eventually convinced myself that I was perhaps worth it, and I managed to find a good deal on a new racer. It was a Chinese imitation of the popular brands, with a neat modern aluminium alloy frame with carbon fibre forks, and quite reasonable quality wheels and running gear, and it cost just $490.

This week is the 4th anniversary of that purchase, and I enjoyed my 268th training ride, and in that time, my trusty cyclometer has clocked up a total of 9040km.

Saturday, 9 July 2016


First there were 8 balloons, now 4 of them have crashed, including my own.
Who will be the last to fall?