Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lakeside Magic

I discovered an excellent site for New Zealand weather conditions which accesses numerous official and private weather stations throughout the country. While I was trawling through a few of the locations that I know so well in the southern lakes area, I came across the site for the "Whare Kea Lodge" which is apparently a new development on the western side of Lake Wanaka. At prices ranging from $500 to $935 per night, it would at least provide a rewarding view over the lake - Have a look at -
While I am not immediately rushing out to book a room, it did remind me of the day that Craig and Nick and I walked the track in that same area alongside the lake to the Ironside Trig. On that day we enjoyed the same views and it cost us nothing.

Friday, 8 August 2014

A Day in the Bush

Today we had a picnic in the bush just outside the little town of Crowsnest.  This was a delightful setting on a clear windless day.  There was a small camping ground nearby with just the most basic amenities, and one can only imagine the peaceful solitude in that setting in the twilight hours.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Overs and Unders

At my maths class today, we looked at probabilities, and I recalled a simple boyhood gambling game called Overs and Unders.
It involved tossing 2 dice simultaneously, and we could bet on:-
- "OVERS" where the sum was over seven. (which paid even money 2:1)
- "UNDERS" where the sum was under seven. (which paid even money 2:1)
- "SEVENS" where the sum was exactly seven. (which paid 3:1)
According to my primitive calculations there are 36 possible outcomes from tossing 2 dice - 15 of these will be "overs" and 15 will be "unders" and 6 will be exactly "seven".
This would mean that it is better to bet on sevens because the expected return is better than on either overs or unders.
Am I on the right track?  Does it mean that you have a 50% chance of winning on "sevens" as opposed to only a 42% chance of winning on either overs or unders?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Building Extension

Another drawing project more or less complete - now it is over to Joanne and Craig to see if they can get a favourable quote.
On completion of this extension, they intend to demolish the wall between the dining area and Nick's room, and move him into the new bedroom, so that they can use his current room as a lounge in the future.  Now it only remains for the work to be done.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Spring is here (almost)

I have just finished watching another episode of Northern Exposure.  It is a truely unique series, and it is such a change from the over-played dramas of the current era.  Here we have a set of lovable characters who all share different measures of eccentricity, set in the for north Alaskan fictional town of Cicely, bordering on the wilderness.
The episode I just watched was centred on the changes that Springtime brings to us all after the harsh winter. This changing season is one of renewal and optimism and the various characters played out the differing ways that if affected them, while Chris (the radio diskjockey) narrated the stories that run in time with the activities of the cast.  Here he is in the studio with his boss Maurice Minnyfield the ex astronaut

This episode was typically wholesome and inspirational, so different to the fighting and deceit and corruption that we mostly see on modern serial dramas.
Have a look at this snip from the popular "Throwing the Cow" episode..