Friday, 3 February 2017

Another Milestone

In the recent past I seem to have added a disproportionate number of blogs about bikes and related activities. and unfortunately here is another one, but this time it is a bit special.
Since I bought my current bike a few years ago, I have faithfully recorded every one of the training rides that I have done. This week my trusty cyclometer recorded my 300th training ride which brought the total distance up to 10,149 km.
My rides are now not quite as long or as fast as they have been but a brisk 30km in the clear air of my home town does wonders to my health. Of course the BMC drink bottle handed to me at stage-17 of the 2015 Tour de France by Rohan Dennis, definitely inspires me to carry on.
How long will it continue? Who knows - at an age approaching 81 years, every ride is a bonus.

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